Monday, 1 October 2007

Peggle Deluxe - Review

Peggle Deluxe is quirky game presented to us by PopCap Games for the bargain price of $9.95 or about £5. This really is a bargain for a game that will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment! The gameplay is simple but fun, you have a ‘level’ in which you shoot balls at pegs and blocks. It may not sound much but it is damn addictive! Your aim is to hit all the orange pegs and blocks but shooting the ball towards the pegs/blocks and hoping it bounces well for you. The majority of any given level is taken up by blue pegs/blocks which give you points when hit, there is also a pink peg/block that changes position every time you relaunch your ball which gives you bonus points. Finally there is a green peg which activates whichever special feature is available in the zone you are in (for the main game mode at least). Now this may not sound too much, but it all works so well! You will find yourself constantly trying to complete levels with higher scores and by clearing more of the pegs/blocks in the level than you did before. There are several game modes, an Adventure which takes you through all the levels in a set order, Quick-Play which allows you to play any level completed in Adventure, Duel which lets you play against the AI or another player on the same PC and a Challenge mode where you have to complete different tasks from Adventure mode. These are all very good, and the Challenges can be very tough at times, as can the AI in the Duel mode, however this just makes you want to win the level even more! My one major gripe is that there is no online play which would add a lot more to the game, but as it is this a really fun game to fill in those gaps between lectures, and for $9.95 it is well worth it!

Vital Info

Cost - $9.95 via Steam

Requirements – A PC that works

Pro’s – Really fun, cheap and masses of replayability

Con’s – No real multiplayer mode, frustrating at times

Overall – 9.5/10

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